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Trust the drool, fool Tellin ya Ima cool They call me Robin Hood Coz I do them all good I take from the rich Coz life can be a bitch I tip the scales when I can In favour of the poor man For a Friday belongs to every one We're all breathing below the same
The sun and I ... We have a thing going. Every morning, I wink at the sun. And every morning, the sun winks back at me. Then by evening, I look for it but it plays hard to get. Puts on an orange shirt and disappears. Hmmm. What to do? - Oleo
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#LABstory Pompei, 22 giugno 2018 @pompeipride2018, @lastazione252 e PompeiLab uniscono le forze contro ogni forma di discriminazione, pregiudizio e attentato alla libera sessualità. •PRIDE MUSIC FEST• . . . #pompei #pride #30 #giugno #2k18
Road trip with our little hooman



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4:00 PM
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